Sarajevo Film Festival

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The Sarajevo Film Festival is a leading film festival in Southeast Europe, covering domestic, regional and international cinema. Every year the Festival brings together a large number of foreign and domestic guests, film professionals and a wide audience. During the seven days of the Festival, over 200 films are screened, over 3,000 guests are accredited...

BH Film Festival

BH Film Festival

The BH Film Festival is co-organised by the Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina every year as a programme of the Sarajevo Film Festival. The BH Film Festival presents almost all films made in the past 12 months by domestic authors who live and work in Bosnia and Herzegovina and/or abroad.

AJB Documentary Film Festival


The Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Film Festival is an international documentary festival organised by the TV broadcaster Al Jazeera Balkans. The festival promotes filmmakers and documentary films addressing social phenomena and universal human values such us courage, truth, justice, tolerance and cosmopolitanism.

Human Rights Film Festival


The Human Rights Film Festival is a documentary and experimental film festival exploring all forms, practices and common spaces of cinema and audio-visual arts. The Festival has one competition programme and several other programme sections, screening around 80 documentary and experimental films and audio-visual artworks.

Youth Film Festival Sarajevo


The Youth Film Festival Sarajevo promotes debutants and young filmmakers from the region, Europe and the world. This festival for youth and about youth is dedicated primarily to regional short student and amateur feature films with the aim to promote young people and their values.

Viva Film Festival


The Viva Film Festival is a national and international competitive film festival focusing on documentary films dealing with current issues related to primordial human values and biological survival on Earth. The festival's basic categories are religion, tourism and ecology, and each edition of the festival screens about 100 documentary films covering these topics.

WARM Festival

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The WARM Festival is dedicated to war reporting, war art and war memory. The festival brings together journalists, artists, historians, researchers and activists who share their common passion “to tell the story with excellence and integrity“. The festival is organised by the WARM Foundation which is working on...