OFF Pro is the industry program of the Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo (formerly known as OFF Mini Market). This program focuses on the development of film and series content, coproductions, and the discovery and education of young talents in all branches of the industry. OFF Pro Industry Days take place within each edition of the Youth Film Festival Sarajevo and consist of several sub-programs, including OFF Talents workshops, OFF Master Mind, and OFF Co-Pro Market, which is the cornerstone of this program. OFF Co-Pro is the co production development market of the Festival that annually presents 10 projects in various production stages, particularly those in development. It co produces the three best projects with the support of project partners. In previous years, the budget for the short film market has grown from 2,000 EUR to 6,000 EUR, and starting from 2024, the budget for the three best projects in this market will be close to 10,000 EUR. OFF Co-Pro is the largest market for the development of short films in the region. OFF Pro Industry Days represent a unique program hub for young authors from across Europe, providing them with the opportunity to present their projects, gain new knowledge, connections, and work with some of the top film professionals from around the world. OFF Pro aims to empower new filmmakers with their debut or new projects, offering them a chance to achieve a range of benefits through the Festival's industry programs. The Director of the Festival's Industry Program is the prominent Bosnian director Ado Hasanović. Contact: