Film Industry - Cinelink Industry Days - Photo 1

The CineLink Industry Days take place as part of the Sarajevo Film Festival and every year they bring together over 1,000 professionals from all spheres of film industry: producers, distributors, sales agents, festival programmers, etc.

The CineLink Industry Days cover many activities related to film and TV projects in all phases of development such as the selection and presentation of feature films in progress, closed screenings of feature and documentary films in post-production phase, closed screenings of extracts of completed films that are ready for distribution, the selection of new and exciting high-quality TV drama projects by established filmmakers from the region, while young talents have a great opportunity to pitch their short film projects.

For the past 20 years, the CineLink Industry Days and Sarajevo have become a regional platform for the development of high-quality projects, short and feature films, documentary films and TV series by filmmakers from the region, who went on to achieve a great success subsequently at prestigious film festivals and international markets.

The main objective of the platform is to enhance primarily regional exchange and cooperation, but every year the CineLink Industry Days host many participants and professionals from across the world. The annual value of business deals closed at meetings during this event or as a result of these meetings amounts to over EUR 20 million.