The I Love Film Club is focused on educational work in the field of film and seeks to acquaint its club members with the history of film, the basics of film theory and contemporary film production.

Members of the film club have free access to regular screenings of the repertoire of the Meeting Point Cinema and have the opportunity to participate in the organisation of the cinema operations and the development of new cinema audience. Special film screenings and conversations with film professionals about basic creative processes in film production are organised for club members. Several times a year, for club members and all interested persons, film quizzes are organised with a casual and relaxed socialising in the coffee shop of the Meeting Point Cinema.

Members of the I Love Film Club include different age groups, i.e. teenagers, students, adults and retired persons. Club meetings are organised on a weekly basis.

The I Love Film Club was founded with the objective to promote film art and advance knowledge about film. All activities of the club are organised by the Obala Art Centar Association in the premises of the Meeting Point Cinema.

Young Audience Development

Throughout the year, the Obala Art Centar Association pays special attention to the education of young people and the development of young cinema audience with the aim of passing on the experience of going to cinema and watching films on big cinema screen to young people.

Screenings for primary and secondary schools are regularly organised at the Meeting Point Cinema and after the screenings films are discussed with young people, their attitude towards cinema and the importance of going to cinema.

The objective of the activity is to develop young people's critical thinking about film and love for film and to show young people that going to cinema can enrich their lives as it contributes to socialisation, communication and dialogue.

I LOVE FILM Programme

I LOVE FILM is a programme of film screenings and educational workshops about film processes and critical film understanding.

The purpose of the programme is to encourage the development of film culture in young people in primary schools and to facilitate understanding of the importance and significance of film in young people's lives as well as their easier and faster knowledge acquisition through film and media culture. After watching an introductory video that explains the basic concepts and elements of film and a screening of specially selected film as well as conversation after the screening, students gain new knowledge and skills in a simple way that is familiar to them.

The I LOVE FILM programme is organised and implemented by the Obala Art Centar Association in cooperation with primary schools in the Sarajevo Canton.